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    Two women in a basement and a handful of clients – that was the start of The Drawing Board in the spring of 1985. Back then we actually sat at drawing boards (hence our name), using markers to sketch design concepts for clients or cutting and pasting to create mechanical art so printers could reproduce our ideas. Then everything changed as our industry, and just about every other industry, switched to computers. It was no longer about how well you could draw with a Rapidograph pen, it was about how quickly you could master Photoshop. As our industry evolved, so did our company. We moved from the basement to a brownstone in downtown Reading, PA that is still our home today. Along the way, we took on new challenges, learned new tricks, and spread our wings beyond Berks County. Today, we’re five women – building brands, conceiving collateral, pounding out press releases, and coding CSS – looking to bring success to our clients.

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when bad things happen to good companies: handling a public relations crisis

When most small companies think about public relations, they focus on good publicity, those stories that show your company in a positive light. But there’s a flip side to that coin. If your company experiences some sort of crisis, expect the media to show up on your doorstep with questions. A public relations crisis is […]

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do you have a clue about your customers? knowing more means selling more.

When I was a child and visited my grandmother in the summertime, she would often warn me to be careful of what I said on the porch of her row home. She didn’t want the neighbors to “know too much about her business.” My great aunt took her privacy issues even further. She cut her […]

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demise or arise: the future of the newspaper biz

Newspapers are transforming, and they have been for quite some time now. Gone are the days when you could see the kid next door riding his bike around the block, tossing newspapers onto every front porch. Nowadays, it’s rare for papers to be delivered at all, with many people changing their subscriptions and getting their […]

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times of t-squares and triangles

The Drawing Board is celebrating 30 years in business this May. Thirty years may be a drop in the bucket compared to some businesses, but it has been 30 years of tremendous change for our industry. When we started, everything was done by hand. Concepts were drawn with pens and magic markers to present to […]

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